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Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2003
My Italian TV hell By Tobias Jones Published: January 16 2003 19:50 | Last Updated: January 16 2003 19:50 ( indirizzo originale ) “A democracy can’t exist”, Karl Popper once wrote, “unless it has its television under control.” In Italy, though, the game’s going the other way. The television studio has already usurped the senate, soft porn has replaced hard news. One of the biggest media players on the planet – Silvio Berlusconi – has been our prime minister for the past 18 months, and his palazzo televiso (his metaphorical “televisual palace”) is only a couple of moves from check-mating democracy. So what does television look like in this new, “videocratic” world? What – I asked myself a few weeks ago, as I kicked off my shoes, reclined on my sofa in Parma and reached for the remote – is Italian TV really like? Has Berlusconi, I wondered, really turned the frightening, fictional worlds of 1984 and Citizen Kane into reality? It’s a Sunday afternoon, and I zap on RAI 1. The p


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