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Want to Change the World? Be Resilient

By John McKinley, Harvard Business Review What’s the difference between someone with a good idea and a person who can transform their ideas into real impact? To tackle the world’s biggest problems, we need to be able to identify and support the people who are capable of creating lasting change. At Acumen Fund , we spend a lot of time trying to find and train aspiring and established leaders from around the world who have the right mix of talent, ideas, and passion. And what we’ve found time and again is: Resilience matters most.   Resilient leaders have three key characteristics: Grit : Short-term focus on tasks at hand, a willingness to slog through broken systems with limited resources, and pragmatic problem-solving skills. Courage : Action in the face of fear and embracing the unknown. Commitment : Long-term optimism and focus on big-picture goals. I see these qualities in the Global Fellows who are selected to work with Acumen’s investee compa


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